Night Regeneration Treatment

Collagen Facial Cleansing Gel,
Collagen Inventia Night Cream,
Natural Collagen Inventia Face.

At night, our skin rests after a long hard day. Therefore, it needs intensive regeneration, nutrition and support of the necessary micro and macro elements that make your skin young and healthy looking. Sojadine contained in our cream soothes irritation and reduces inflammation. Well nurtured skin on the face and neck quickly regains its vitality making it look rested, hydrated and in good condition. A simple and safe way to have beautiful skin even after a long hard day. For long-term and noticeable results we recommend applying the night treatments together with day treatment.


Wash your face with the Collagen Facial Washing Gel. On moist skin gently apply and then pat the Natural Collagen lnventia® Face. Once absorbed (approx. 5-10 min.) apply the Collagen night cream.


Anti-wrinkle, regenerates and nourishes the skin of your face.

DURATION: 15 minutes

FREQUENCY: Once a day