Strong Nails Treatment

Skin Peeling Cream,
Natural Collagen Inventia Hair and Nails 1.8 fl. oz / 50 ml

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are important for everyone regardless of age. Remove blemishes and smooth the skin of your hands thanks to pink Tikehau sand and extract of aloe. Natural Collagen and elastin rebuild and strengthen your finger nails giving them a healthy look. This treatment professionally prepares your hands and nails for further treatments or manicure. Our treatment is suitable for any skin type. Frequent and regular use guarantees measurable results after just a few treatments.


Apply and massage in the Collagen Peeling Cream. Rinse with warm water. Apply and then pat the Natural Collagen lnventia® Hair & Nails


Intensive regeneration of damaged and weak nails.

DURATION: 15 minutes

FREQUENCY: Twice a week


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