Ultra-Hydrating Body Treatment

Collagen Facial Cleansing Gel,
Natural Collagen Inventia Body,
Collagen Body Lotion.

Many kinds of external factors have a negative impact on the skin. Poor diet, too little fluid intake, pollution are frequent causes of dry, grey and the unpleasant feeling of roughness. Also, time affects the deteriorating condition of our skin. Our Ultra moisturizing treatment restores the natural softness and smoothness to your skin. Hyaluronic acid and XERADIN™ provide excellent hydration. After the treatment, the skin is protected against irritation, external factors and roughness. Our treatment is suitable for all skin types.


Wash your body with our Collagen Facial Washing Gel. Then gently apply the Natural Collagen lnventia® Body on moist skin and then pat in. Once absorbed (approx. 5-10 min.) Apply and massage in the Body Lotion with Collagen.


Intense hydration, regeneration of dry, sensitive and scared skin.

DURATION: 15 minutes

FREQUENCY: 1-2 a day


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